Owners, Dana and Jerry Schwartz reside in Chester County, PA along with their 3 children.


For a little background, they both graduated from Temple University. Jerry works in insurance sales fulltime. Dana had previously spent her time working in higher education related careers until leaving to run the business full-time.


Once their children were born Dana started to develop a genuine interest in the art of cake design.  Already having a creative side which she expressed through the years in outlets such as makeup artistry, hair design for special events & dancing professionally, cake design came naturally. 


Shortly after having their 2nd daughter, Dana decided it would be ideal to be home with them until of school age but needed to find something that would help supplement the loss of income.  So, in pursuit of her creative and entrepreneurial dreams, Schwartz & Sprinkles was launched in early 2017 focusing on custom cakes with a niche in children's cakes.


In 2019, they expanded offerings and Dana began teaching decorating workshops in-home & at various public locations throughout the area until the pandemic hit at which time they began thinking long and hard...Fast forward to summer of 2021 Jerry & Dana launched the dessert truck.  They desired a food truck whether in the present or when retired at the beach one day with Jerry's cooking skills & Dana's love for creating sweets!

So thank you for supporting our family! We are very grateful for the chance to learn about each one of you, your ideas, your visions and allowing us to be a part of bringing smiles to a special event or day!