We have decided to no longer offer workshops at this time. We are open to doing large school, company or corporate events, but will no longer offer private or public workshops.


Many of you have seen our business (and many others) pivot to navigate this past year and a half in order to keep our businesses open. Unlike a storefront, whose burden and overhead may be much heavier, we still saw very difficult months. Thankfully, the nature of this business and the product/s we offer have allowed us the flexibility to pivot, change our approach, business model and/or products when needed. 


In 2017, when I started the business, I offered custom cakes & cupcakes. After almost 3 years, at the end of 2019 I started cake and cupcake decorating workshops which were wonderfully successful with almost every workshop selling out at 20+ attendees and we decided to shift the business to offer mostly workshops with a limit on custom cakes since I enjoyed teaching & interacting so much. Five months into that the pandemic hit and everything came to a screeching halt. No one needed cakes and workshops were cancelled. So, we started offering cupcake decorating kits with a new theme each week and doing free contactless delivery.  That was successful for a couple months and that also nose-dived.  We floated through the next few months and thankfully the world began to slowly open back up.  With workshops not able to be filled at capacity it made them essentially not profitable, so I began taking custom cakes again. We realize people wanted more sweets, bakery options in our area and people loved our product- so we dug deeper into the idea of opening a storefront. 


After lots of thought, I wasn’t ready or truly interested in what would come along with it. So lots of research, endless hours of thought and recalculating later came the Mobile Dessert Truck! We have basically re-launched the business and are starting out at square one again in terms of seeing a financial return as this, like any new business, cost money to get off the ground. Therefore, we have decided to put our focus into this and our custom cakes as people will always want treats, need food, have events where food trucks are invited or want a custom cake for a celebration. 


As for work our workshops, well they are hit or miss. Once things slowly opened back up, I have since spent the past year trying to fill my workshops.  The events don’t take one day to plan & execute.  The planning starts months in advance for each workshop.  From developing the instruction methods, to creating and planning out every single workshop, coordinating with folks we are collaborating with if it is at a public spot, baking and production, paying to market the events, hours on social media creating marketing posts, newsletters and finally running the events themselves, IF THEY OCCUR. What I have seen the past year, capacity restrictions make the events barely profitable for me after the time, cost of supplies and a HUGE change in the consumer spending habits. Even after capacity restrictions were lifted, tickets aren’t selling. People are spending their money in other places, aren’t interested or feel safe in public group settings or are simply saving.  All which I understand, but after several workshops the past year have had to be cancelled due to low enrollment or none at all- We have made the decision to stop workshops.

I know I am long winded & ramble so if you made it this far :) THANK YOU! I hope you all understand and THANK YOU to those who have attended them! It gave me a chance to interact with others, see people smile & share my knowledge & passion with others!