How much are your cakes?

While we love designing cakes, we only offer custom cakes on a very limited basis as we are very busy with our bakery truck schedule & decorating workshops.  I recommend booking 6-8 weeks in advance.


Generally my cakes are between $4.00-$7.00 per serving, possibly more for hand sculpted cakes and fondant toppers.  Size, detail and intricacy determine price.  Minimum order is $100.  Each cake is custom made to order. To inquire about a price, please provide a date, theme/image of design idea and number of servings needed.  

Can you tell me about your ingredients

We strive to use the best ingredients.

Our baked goods will not support the growth of pathogenic organisms and do not require a form of temperature control, such as refrigeration or heating. The foods are classified as non-potentially hazardous foods. Due to this requirement we must meet by the state, we do not offer fruit filled or whipped toppings.

Do you offer gluten free?

We would love to offer it but unfortunately it is not safe.  Since we use  gluten elsewhere in the bakery, if we were to use gluten free flour we couldn't truly call our flourless items gluten-free. All surfaces and equipment are washed and sanitized between uses, but ultimately we do not want you or your loved ones to get sick due to a gluten allergy. We suggest you visit a completely allergen-free baker.

What if I have an allergy?
Our products may contain eggs, corn, gluten and milk. While none of our products contain nuts, the facility in which the products are made is not nut-free or flour free facility. I use and keep a wide range of items in my kitchen, which include nuts and shellfish. I do keep such items in containers to help reduce the risk of contact with other items. With this note, please be aware that I cannot be responsible for any allergic reactions.

What is Fondant?

Fondant is a sugar dough that is made of gum ingredients, powdered sugar and corn syrup. It traditionally does not taste good, because most vendors use the stuff off the craft store shelf. We, however, use a premium product which is the same brand that many of your famous bakeries use.  It is much softer and tastier. Our brand is also vegan.

Do you offer consultations?
I do not have a storefront for in-person consultations. You are welcome to call or email.  If you feel it is necessary to have an in-person consultation, we only offer them for orders of $300+ or more.  The cost is $30.  Due on or before the consultation appointment or it will not be conducted.  The cost is applied to the final price of your cake order, if you order.


What if I need to cancel or reschedule? 

50% deposit is non-refundable, but may be transferable. When we take your order, we begin the process of declining other orders and possibly purchasing supplies for your order.  As we get closer to your date, the chance of re-booking your date are greatly reduced. Cancellations after 1 month before your event may be transferred to a different date. Cancellation after 1 week before your event will result in no refund, full payment will be due to Schwartz & Sprinkles Custom Cakes.  The design of the cake toppers and decor begin days prior to the order date due to drying and multiple steps.  Additionally, items are purchased in advance which may not be refundable.  For these reasons, we must implement the cancellation policy.

Do you deliver?

We will meet in a common area within our hometown of Royersford or we can deliver for free up to 3 miles.  After that it is $10 up to 10 miles (20 round-trip).  Order must be paid in full prior to delivery.  After 10 miles, additional fees are based on current mileage rate, plus tolls.We do not deliver over 20 miles one-way. We will make every effort to deliver your cake at the agreed upon time, however, we likely are delivering multiple orders which may cause us to unforeseeably run behind schedule.  If this occurs, we will notify you immediately.